Berner Oberland

IMG_5635Because the Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of our very favorite places in Switzerland, we knew we wanted to take our kids there during their visit. What we did not fully realize is that it is still winter in the mountains, even late in May. So, back in February we booked a Swiss Chalet AirBnB in Mürren, undeterred by the photos showcasing the house in a cozy blanket of snow.


A week before our scheduled trip to the mountains, we watched the forecast with worried brows and hoped that the 90% chance of predicted rain or snow might change, at least somewhat, before our arrival. It didn’t, and we decided that we might just have a fabulous time anyway.

Mürren sits up high on a ridge overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and we remember a beautiful view of the mountains just across the way with craggy peaks and waterfalls. The first day we saw a gray wall of clouds and big, soft snowflakes. What we did enjoy seeing was the completely comfortable and beautiful chalet that was ours for three nights. It’s fairly new construction, so everything was clean and worked very well.


We did not have a deck of cards with us, so we found a game that four of us could play on phones and iPads called Space Team which involved a lot of (quiet) shouting and shaking our devices in order to avoid asteroids and wormholes. For a free game, we liked it pretty much. Team Up!


As the hours and days rolled by, the clouds lifted and we marveled at the beautiful mountains which appeared through our windows. We took advantage of a break in the rain (no longer snow) to stroll down to Gimmelwald and took some pictures of spring breaking through from winter.

By the time we left, we could see the top of the mountain across from our chalet. It was worth the wait!



3 thoughts on “Berner Oberland

  1. It looks pretty though, despite the rain.
    We went up a mountain yesterday and it was still winter up there too. Big difference to down on the ground!

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