When we planned for our kids to come visit us, we said that IMG_5652they could choose any place in Europe, and we would meet them there. These two said that, really, anywhere in Europe would be just fine, especially since Daughter had never been to Europe, and Son-in-Law had only been to the Netherlands and Belgium. We decided on Switzerland for two reasons, one was that we thought they would particularly enjoy the scenery (they did). The other reason was that they have friends – the Two Small Potatoes – who are living in Fribourg (if you speak French)/Freiburg (for the Germans).

This university town straddles the Rösti Graben with people who live on one side of the river speaking German, the other folks speaking French. I’ve been through the city on the train a few times now, so it was our turn to disembark here.

The Two Small Potatoes actually live outside of the city in a quiet community with more space and actual houses and few apartments. We shed our winter gear and viewed the mountain snow only from a distance and enjoyed a lovely pre-raclette-dinner stroll through woods and farms.


The town also has a lovely little church about which we cannot find any information. However, it was open and we had a chance to appreciate the art and architecture.


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