Return to Gruyères

IMG_0843One nice thing about living in a country with four distinct seasons is that you can visit someplace in one season, and then return in another for a different kind of enjoyment. I had been to Gruyères in February, but neither H nor the kids had seen it, and the Two Small Potatoes recommended a visit.

You can see my winter photos here, and compare them to these green and luscious views.

This time around I did not choose to visit the castle, but we did go into the H. R. Giger Bar. Giger was a Swiss surrealist artist known for his art design in the movie Alien. Though he grew up in Chur in Graubünden, Giger lived much of his adult life in Zürich.

In the bar we sampled some hot chocolate and coffee along with the meringues that the town is known for. Here one does not simply eat the confection, but dunks it in a dollop of Gruyères double cream, as a sort of soft frosting.


Across from the bar is the Giger Museum in the Saint-Germain Castle which Giger purchased and is the repository of his work. The bar was plenty of Giger art for us, so none in our group went into the museum.


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