Free Day of Transportation: One in a Million

I was not the only person in this canton who noticed this promotion: Am 31. Mai gibt es nur eine Zone: die Gratiszone. On Sunday the ZVV (Züricher Verkehrsverbund) celebrated its 25th anniversary of cooperation between trams, trains, ships, and other assorted transport like funiculars and gondolas) by giving everyone free transportation within the ZVV Zone (mostly the canton of Zürich).

20 Minuten reported that more than one million people took advantage of this amazing offer. This photo from the paper shows an enormous line at the dock where a record number of people took the boats in one day, and they waited in long lines.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.19.12 PM

So, what did I do with my free pass? I went to an orchestra rehearsal in Wettingen. Wettingen is just a few stops over the border in canton Aargau, but it shares a Z-Pass privilege with the ZVV, and from what I could tell on the website, it was part of the deal. I assume one had to start in the Zürich zone.

I boarded an S-train (the commuter lines) with four other violinists from our orchestra. We had a little conversation about whether or not we had to buy a ticket for the last three stops, and I mentioned that the website said we were good to go. They weren’t sure, but no controller came on board, so I only had to wonder if I had to buy a ticket to return home.

The question ended up being moot since one of the other violinists who lives near me gave several of us a ride IN A CAR back to the city.

It was a completely different feeling of being on the streets in a car which is bound by traffic rules and can’t just go where you want. No straight line from A to B, and much discussion about how one could get from here to there.

The orchestra is performing a piece with a choir, and we were invited to rehearse with them at their place. Here is the church where we practiced.



3 thoughts on “Free Day of Transportation: One in a Million

  1. I heard about that! We walked along the Rheinweg to Kaiseraugst and then took a train back. SHould have gone to Zurich!

    Kaiseraugst is in Aargau so we may have briefly been in the same canton on Sunday!

      • We got as far as the old city wall, but the sign said another 20 minutes walk to the Roman remains and I couldn’t face it. We’ll probably go there by train one day specifically for that. ? Haven’t been back to the Markthalle yet, but we will!

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