CH Car Stickers

2114_switzerland_ch_oval_euro_sticker_decalFile this one under my growing collection of “No One is Quite Sure, But There Are Many Opinions About It.”

It seems that whenever I have a question about something here, I ask my friends and they aren’t sure of the answer, and neither are the people on the English Forum. Like my questions about the EU Flag in Switzerland, whether the free ZVV Day included the Z-Pass zones, or just exactly how to recycle.

Bumper stickers on cars here are virtually non-existent.

Then there are the oval CH stickers on some cars (CH stands for the Confoederatio Helvetica, Switzerland’s official name). I’ve seen these kinds of stickers on cars in the US from countries all over the world, but I wasn’t sure what they were for.

IMG_5789Apparently they were originally used as a way for authorities to easily distinguish the country of the car’s registration in Europe. Now the EU plates are standardized with a designation for the country code (and Switzerland has its flag on all its plates), the need is reduced. I have heard that these stickers are no longer mandatory, although stories on the English Forum would suggest that you might be turned away at a border if your car does not have one.

I’ve heard that you can buy a magnetic one for your car, so maybe I’ll get one as a souvenir.


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