Freitag Bags

IMG_5787I’m not much of one to buy a souvenir when I travel. I like taking photos to remember the time, but I don’t need stuff to put in a drawer or clutter a shelf. This year I did buy a scarf in Paris and a necklace in Venice, but those are items I actually use.

Now we can both add very special Swiss souvenirs to our small collection. On Saturday we took the plunge and the tram out to the Freitag Flagship store in search of laptop bags. H has had a series of Land’s End black canvas briefcases over the years which need replacing when they wear out. The current one is looking pretty sad.

Then I thought about it and realized that my laptop case at home (a freebie which came with my viola about 7 years ago) has seen better days, as well. I had not felt the need for a Freitag bag when I toured the factory recently, but it hadn’t occurred to me at the time that I would want something for my computer when I go to school.

The Freitag Flagship Store is out in the Industrial Quarter near the Prime Tower, Switzerland’s second-tallest building. The store itself is recycled out of cargo containers with a rooftop view which we passed up, due to the hot weather.

After we decided which style of bag we wanted, we had to look at the various colors and designs. I had hoped to find one that looked like the Zürich flag, and this is the closest I found.

H liked the red one with black and white accents.


Each bag comes with a fold-out “map” which gives a short history and tour of the Freitag process as well as a Product Manuel with information on size, functions and care.

SMELL. Yes, FREITAG bags smell. Most odours will be lost after a bit of use. To lose odours quickly, take your bag out on regular bike rides or walks in the park. This way, you’ll both get rid of that city-stench.


But my favorite part of the Product Manuel is this:



2 thoughts on “Freitag Bags

  1. I look forward to seeing your new necklace and scarf. Great purchases that will remind you each time you wear them of your year abroad. Love your new Freitag bags and that Freitag building is fascinating!

  2. When you wrote about the tour I immediately wanted a bag! I am so happy you’ll have a useful memento of the year!

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