Birthday in Switzerland


I just have to give teuscher another try, Karen!

Since I do not have an office job in Switzerland, I did not have to bring kuchen or any kind of treat to share with my co-workers on my birthday yesterday. I did have orchestra rehearsal in the evening, and I had considered bringing something for everyone, but two weeks ago we played “Happy Birthday” (yes, the tune we all know, I guess it’s universal…) for our conductor, and since he didn’t bring a round for everyone, I considered myself off the hook. Only my stand partner knew it was my birthday, and she brought me some chocolates.

Since we rarely eat out in Zürich, it was a treat to celebrate my birthday by trying out Hiltl which has been on our list since we arrived. It is, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world – opening in 1898 and still run by the Hiltl family.

It was warm enough to sit outside and watch the city of Zürich head home from work or stroll through downtown. It seems that no matter what day it is, the city does not lack for pedestrian traffic, always feeling energizing.

After stuffing ourselves, we wandered down Bahnhofstrasse looking at the various Mövenpick Ice Cream stands, but ended up with a piece of Läderach Dark Chocolate and slowly savoring it while sitting by the river.


Now I just need a place to take my laptop so I can use my new Freitag bag!


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