Wandering In the City Forest

Hiking in German is called wandern. IMG_1083Even if you are climbing up a mountain.

When I joined the American Women’s Club last fall, one of the activities listed was a hiking group, so I immediately signed up. Then I found out that the woman in charge of the hikes had quit, and no one had taken her place. I think I would have been happy to organize such a group if only I had any idea at all of where to go.

Now someone has come to lead us on such excursions, and we went on our first club Wanderung Thursday in perfect weather. One lovely thing about this city of Zürich is that you can take public transportation within city limits and be out in the woods in minutes.

Eight of us with two dogs went to the top of Zürichberg (the hill where we live) and headed straight into the woods, passing the Zoo, the FIFA practice fields, a restaurant (always a restaurant on the trail), an observation tower, a stone elephant statue, kids swimming in the stream, people grilling out and picnicking, and people riding horses.

We stopped at noon for our own picnics (minus the grilling part) and at the end for a coffee at a restaurant before heading our separate ways home on the trams. The woman with the fitbit said that we went 6.5 miles, but with so much socializing along the way, it felt about half that long.


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