Laughing with Sylvia Day

On Friday the American Women’s Club was treated to a little comedy improv by Sylvia Day. Sylvia is an American Expat in Zürich since 1995 and is promoting her upcoming IMG_5879show, Summer of Love.  For our Friday Coffee Morning she had each of us write down a line from a movie, a song, a poem, or something and put it in an envelope.

She proceeded to choose someone from the audience with whom to improvise, and their prompt from the audience was that they were sisters sharing an iPhone.

They would pull out phrases from the envelope to incorporate into their dialogue.

IMG_5877After I got home, I looked her up on youtube and found this sketch in which she plays an American, then a Swiss, and finally a Brazilian who are in a competition for Miss Sales Associate of the World. I thought that the Swiss Sales Associate was so funny. It starts at about 3:49 in the video.

I have heard stories about not being able to return items to a store here in der Schweiz. I have not tried to return anything, so I can’t say for sure, but I would believe it. I have also heard a story that if you want to return something because you change your mind, all you have to say is that your husband doesn’t like it. Wow.


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