More Fun at the Glasi

IMG_1166While we were waiting for our glass creations to cool, we wandered through other parts of the Glasi complex. Stop one, the picnic table overlooking the lake. Nidwalden is one of the original Swiss cantons, one of the Vierwaldstätter (Four Forest States) and sits alongside part of the Vierwaldstättersee (otherwise known as Lake Lucerne).

One large room at the Glasi houses an archive of many glass products from the plant from the 19th C to the present, and one sign said that the items in that case were not cleaned, I assume because they could damage them. They just wanted to let you know that they were not being neglectful, I suppose.

We skipped over the Glass Labyrinth which requires gloves, booties for your shoes and an additional fee. You can watch their video of it and listen to a little bit of Swiss German.

The Phenomenal Glass section might have been our favorite part. We played with over 70 hands-on explorations of glass, from musical instruments to visual and other aural effects.

Since it ended up NOT raining (our “excuse” for heading to a museum on Saturday), we headed out to the Glasi Park where we were entranced by the marble run made out of glass. For 5 CHF you could buy 10 glass marbles and run them through the maze which made a variety of sounds through the different glass pieces. I tried to find a youtube video of this, but came up empty.

There was also a cool dragon in the park.

No trip to the works would be complete without a trip through the two stores. Store 1 is for prime glass pieces. Store 2 is for seconds – pieces with slight flaws. We don’t particularly want to bring back glass on the plane, so we passed through without a purchase, although these glasses would be an interesting conversation starter.



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