What I Will Miss, Part Three: Trains! Trams!

IMG_5622Every time we climb on a train at the HB (usually with a cup of coffee in hand), I sit down with a happy feeling. It means we are off to an adventure somewhere. I love listening to the SBB announcement, especially if we are on an IC train (the faster ones). The nice lady welcomes us, wishes us a pleasant journey before inviting us to treat ourselves to a culinary break in the SBB restaurant in the middle of the train.

Here is a very short youtube video of this voice that will always take me to a happy place.

Sometimes I bring along a book to read while we peacefully glide through the countryside, but often I want to look out the window, so I put on my earbuds and listen to some NPR podcasts so I can appreciate the views.

IMG_5316The trams might seem confusing at times in Zürich since there are so many lines going so many places, but I have ridden them enough that I even know what part of the tram I should sit/stand in so that when I reach my destination I have a smoother exit. For example, if we are coming home on the 5 or 6, we ride up near the driver so that when we get off the tram, we can walk directly in front of the driver to cross the street while the doors close and we don’t make the driver wait for us, and we don’t have to wait for the tram to leave before we head up the street.

IMG_0643 IMG_5784

I also know, if there is an accident, how to figure out an alternative route. I can give advice to people on the street when asked. I know three different permutations on how to get to orchestra, and I know that after a certain time the 6 tram shortens its route.

If only LA could have this kind of infrastructure.

* * *

What I look forward to: Yes, driving a car is still fun, too!


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