Having a Beer in Solothurn

The original weekend plan was to find IMG_1397a hike from this new website I have found – BierWandern. This site lists (in German) over 120 hikes in Switzerland ending up at places which brew their own beer or serve local brew. Unfortunately, there is no overall map, but after I read through as many as I could, I realized that there weren’t any hikes in Canton Jura (plenty near Zürich which must be tried, and soon!), so I did the next best thing.

I planned the Doubs River walk and then looked for a place to have a beer in Solothurn, the capital city of the Canton of Solothurn. You guessed it. We needed to add that one to our list, and it’s not far from Jura.

I’m sure there are cities and towns in Switzerland that do not have an historic center, but we tend not to go there. We traversed back across the Röstigraben, to where we can sort of understand the language, to Solothurn. It is on the Aare River which also runs through the capital Bern. To help us whet our thirst, we wandered the city first, admiring the various fountains,

the 12th C Clock Tower (Zeitglockenturm)

the church (which we could not go in since there was a big wedding taking place)

and the river.

Trip Advisor recommended that we have a beer at Barock Cafe and Bar, and as we walked up to the café, a table outside, in the shade, with a view of the river opened up, and we snatched it up right away.


We give high praise to our time here. The waitress was very friendly (a Swiss plus), the beer, Öufi, was local and delicious, reminding us of Pomona Queen back home. The weather was lovely, the people-watching fun, and then, when the time came to settle our bill, we discovered that each beer was only 4.5 CHF. Unheard of, glampers.

Canton Solothurn. Check. Three cantons to go….


One thought on “Having a Beer in Solothurn

  1. Ooh, that site sounds great. Must check it out! We were at a food festival in Olten on Saturday, which is also in canton Solothurn.

    Wow, those are some cheap beers!

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