Orchester Wiedikon Concert

IMG_5891The Wiedikon Orchestra has wound down the year with our second of two concerts. Because our conductor also leads a choir in Wettingen (not very far outside of Zürich), he wanted to perform a joint concert with the orchestra and choir. He chose a very fun mass called Misa a Buenos Aires by Palmeri which contains an accordion-like instrument called a bandolino.

You can listen to it on this youtube video (another group performing), and even if you only hear the first few minutes of it, you get the idea of style of music. It has been very fun playing this piece.

In addition to the mass, the orchestra performed five short pieces by Piazzola, an Argentinian tango composer.

To make things all even-Steven, we performed the first concert in Wettingen in St. Anton’s Church, a very modern Catholic church which is light and airy.

The next performance, on Friday night, will be in St. Peter’s in Zürich.

Of course, now that the year is winding down, I am feeling the most comfortable with this great group of people. My language skills are better, and I have gotten to know some of them enough to really miss them. Isn’t that always how it goes?


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