City Views from the Grossmünster

IMG_1264A sunny day overlapped with some free time, and I took advantage of it to climb the Grossmünster tower for Zürich views. I plunked down my 4 CHF at the desk and headed up the 190 or so steps. The first 50 or so are very narrow and curved, but then it opens up into straight and wider, though still steep, stairs.

At one point there is a landing with old pictures. Here are a few of what Zürich looked like back when.

At the very top you can step out on a platform at each of the four corners (and still feel safe since the stone wall is high enough, but not too high to obstruct views for adults).


This small explanation of the flags I’ve seen several times on top of the towers reminds me that I don’t want the job of putting them up there. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


As I came down the steps, a couple greeted me with a grüezi as they huffed and puffed. I replied to them that es lohnt sich (it’s worth it) and that produced a little laugh.


As mentioned during my last Grossmünster post, there is a cloister to visit, and this time I actively sought it out and found it. It’s not well marked, and the closed door looks uninviting, but the sign said open until 17.00, so I pushed open to this view.

It doesn’t take long to walk the perimeter, but there are some very interesting decorative elements around the garden in the archways.

Now, if all my visitors will come back, I will show them this, too, since we all missed it the first time.


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