Swiss License Plates

License PlatesAlthough we still have three cantons left to visit, I have found license plates from all 26 to photograph. The last one – Appenzell Ausserrhoden – took me longer than I thought it would because I was looking for AA (or maybe AO), but when I looked up the abbreviations, I discovered that I should be looking for AR. For awhile I thought that maybe no one in Appenzell Ausserhoden drove a car.

Each plate has a two-letter abbreviation of the canton as well as a shield of the Swiss flag and the cantonal flag.

One interesting fact about licensing cars in Switzerland is that if you have two cars, and you only drive one at a time, you can buy insurance and plates for the more expensive of the two cars and switch the plates back and forth (apparently this is quite easy) between the cars as needed. You just need to remember to do so!


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