Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

After three weeks of recovery time betweenIMG_1441 our exciting Italian trip and even more exciting visit from oldest daughter and son-in-law, we were ready for our next big adventure. When we asked younger daughter and our Schwiegerfreund (a newly coined German term for an almost-but-not-quite-child-in-law) where they would like to meet up with us in Europe, they thought about it for awhile and decided that Berlin just might be the right place.

After confirming dates with C and B, we immediately started researching where we might want to stay in the city of 3.5 million. So many choices! In the end, we looked for AirBnBs in the Prenzlauer Berg, a neighborhood in the former East Berlin. Described as an area of tree-lined streets, coffee shops, and cute shops, university students, and organic soy ice cream with great connections to the rest of the city, we found a spacious two-bedroom apartment in the middle of things, near public transportation, lots of shopping and restaurants.

Large numbers of kids in Kinderwagens and day cares and moms-in-the-park stroll the neighborhood.  We have learned how to stay clear of the bike paths which run along the sidewalk and carry hundreds upon hundreds of fast-moving cyclists. On Saturday we visited the Farmer’s Market near Kollwitzplatz.

Neighborhood walks included sites such as these:

We decided that if we had to move to Berlin, all of us would be happy living in this neighborhood, especially if we found an apartment with a balcony or terrace.


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