Berlin – The Food

IMG_5912When we are in California, we enjoy eating food from many cultures. I’m sure some of it is not totally authentic, but that does not lessen our enjoyment. Berlin offered us many culinary choices, most of them pretty darn delicious. We did not feel compelled to stick with only traditional German food, although we had to give that a go, of course.

The Berlin equivalent of an Ensenada fish taco is the Currywurst. Basically, a hot dog goes through a machine that slices it, then it is covered in ketchup with curry powder shaken over the works. You stick a small wooden fork in it, pair it with a roll, and you are good to go for just over 3€.


With over half a million Turkish people in Berlin, the other street food must-have is the Döner Kebap. Stuff a thick pita bread with falafel and perhaps hallumi (a fried cheese), lettuce, tomatoes and sauce, and you will not go hungry. We had to have this twice. Here is the stand that was just around the corner from our flat.

For sit-down meals, we loved the Thai restaurant around the other corner, a Vietnamese spot, Italian (sort of a New European), another Turkish place and, of course, some Käsespätzel. I am wondering if various parts of Germany make this Macaroni and Cheese dish in different traditional ways, since the kind I had in Berlin was different than the kind I had in Konstanz at the very southern end of the country. I would be more than willing to travel throughout Germany and Austria and comparing all of the Käsespätzel. Someone needs to.

Of course, we had to try various kinds of beer, but I think that C and B enjoyed the traditional Budweiser (Budvar) from the Czech Republic the very best, although no one complained about the local Pilsner, the kind of beer brewed most in Germany.


From the train we could see a kind of beach along the Spree River with these yellow beach chairs, and we were sure we wanted to sit there and enjoy a brew. It was not to be, though, since it never seemed to be open. How do they make any money that way?



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