What I Will Miss, Part Five: European Travel!

Glampers, you know I’m going to IMG_1614miss all the travel we’ve been able to do this year. Of course we were afforded the luxury of having a year with no work (for me), and flexible work (for H), but even if we had full-time jobs, the Swiss give at least four weeks of paid leave a year to their employees, and there are a number of other holidays thrown in here and there.

One joy of living in the middle of Europe is not only the easy connections to the rest of the continent (train and plane), but also the fact that we rarely change time zones, so when we arrive in a new country, there is no jet lag. Plus, a week spent somewhere doesn’t cost over $1,000 per person in airfare to begin with.

This year we will have visited ten countries (one more coming up, with Germany and Italy more than once) and probably all of the cantons in Switzerland. How lucky are we?

* * *

What I will not miss: returning to Switzerland from another country and being shocked by the prices all over again….


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