Berlin – People-Watching

On one of our days in Berlin, we IMG_5926noticed many people wearing AC/DC t-shirts (and one AC/DC tattoo). I wish I had gotten a picture of some of these people, mostly men, mostly in the upper middle-age set, and usually walking around in pairs. Turns out there was a big AC/DC concert that night in the city. Next day the t-shirts were probably back in the drawers or hamper.

Another day we noticed people in rather interesting costumes. One woman got on the train wearing a mask. One guy was wearing a lime-green skin-tight leather jumpsuit. When we tried to take a bus over to the Bauhaus museum, it was so delayed that we went on a different route, and when we exited the station, it was clear that we were not going to get across the street to head towards the museum. We were stopped by the Christopher Street Day Parade – a gay pride extravaganza with some of the loudest music I’ve ever heard, along with some of the cheapest beer we had seen in the city. After watching for a few moments, we changed our plans, turned around into the train station and never made it to the Bauhaus.

The Flea Market at Mauer Park proved another good place for people-watching, and I got a few shots of a very popular hairstyle among young men – the man bun. I hear that this style reaches across the ocean.


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