Reading Dutch

Dutch. What a language! So many Zs, Js, double vowels, and yet so many words that an American or German speaker can understand. Even many more that I can’t. We had so much fun looking at all the signage.

If you know that Zandvoort aan Zee is the city, then you can see that Help mee (looks a little like English) and voor een schoon looks like vor ein schön (for a beautiful). So, please, pick up your trash, people.


Green is the color for emergency exits. This one looks like the German signs we see that say Notausgang Freihalten (leave free for emergency exit).


I finally figured out that fietsen meant bicycles (that word is plastered everywhere), but I had to look up geen (meaning no), and plaatsen then meant placing. Don’t park your bike here! This is an important sign in the Netherlands.


This one threw me for a complete loop. So Google Translate to the rescue. It was at the train station, and I know that perron is platform in French. This one says that you must have a valid ticket to get on the train.


So, cross your eyes, know your context and pretend you are reading Swiss German. Easy peasy!


2 thoughts on “Reading Dutch

  1. I’ve always loved that fietsen means bicycle – it’s so cute! A pedestrian is a foetganger, which is also like a mixture of (weird) English and Germany.

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