Le Corbusier in Zürich

One Trip Advisor review gives theIMG_4465 Heidi Weber Museum – Center Le Corbusier a bad review because it was closed when they went. A quick click on the internet would have helped them out….

We’d been waiting for this building, the last work of Swiss/French architect and artist Le Corbusier, to open since we learned about it. Apparently it is open only from July – October.

Swiss art collector and patron Heidi Weber commissioned Le Corbusier to design a building for public exhibition. In 1961 the architect started drawing up the plans for a concrete building which was then changed to a steel construction. Le Corbusier died in 1965 before the building was completed.

The small museum houses the artist’s sculptures, paintings, writings and furniture designs throughout the various stories of the building.

Most interesting is the roof which sits at various angles as protection from the sun as well as rain. The views from the roof look over green spaces towards Lake Zürich as well as the Chinese Garden and provide for the movement of air, especially welcome on a summer day.

I heard a story that this building in Zürich was considered by Le Corbusier to be the most interesting building in this city. Hmmm.



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