What I Will Miss, Part Eight: German!

IMG_6308The expat life is like a continual espresso buzz according to a post in the Wall Street Journal Expat Blog. You step out of your home, and instantly you are enveloped in a language that is not your Muttersprache.

Even though I have only learned a handful of Swiss German phrases, and I can often understand about 5% of an overheard conversation on the street, I can honestly say that I am going to miss having German as a part of my daily life. I plan on keeping up German at home, but living here is the best reason for thinking about it every day.

There’s the daily reading of 20 Minuten, the near-daily interaction at the grocery store, all the signs in the city. Once a week I had to listen in German at orchestra rehearsal, and once a week I got to listen and speak for our German practice group.

I’m glad that I have a chance to go to German table at Pomona College when the semester starts at the end of August.

* * * *

I will not miss being frustrated by Swiss German!


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