The time has come to deregister, IMG_6306letting the city of Zürich and the country of Switzerland know that we will soon be moving back to our Heimat. In August we registered with our Gemeinde (community), and this week we deregistered at the Stadthaus.

Working our way through all the tourists taking photos in front of the Fraumünster, we walked into the Stadthaus (which is open during lunch hours) and right up to an open window.

The nice lady was very helpful, taking our ID cards and typing in the computer and having us fill out a form. Because we have an “L” permit (good for only one year), she did not have to take it from us, but said we could keep them as a souvenir. Then she directed us to another room to make sure that our taxes were squared away with the country.


We waited for 1 minute in this room before we were called into a private office.

More tip-tip typing on the computer, a printed page with an official stamp and signature, and we were sent back to the original window where we had the privilege of paying 30 CHF per person for an official letter that we must send to our health insurance to prove that we will no longer need to pay them. We had paid 324 CHF to register, so it is nice that leaving isn’t as expensive.

Official stamp

Official stamp

When we arrived last August, we spoke English when we registered, but this time, we spoke only German.


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