Making Things Come out Even and Clean

Well, glampers, we are starting our last week here, trying to have fun between packing and cleaning. I have no idea how we accumulated anything. I was SURE that we were not bringing anything new into our flat. And yet, we have been finding creative ways to get rid of those things that have escaped our notice. I’ve taken some kitchen items to the American Women’s Club. I have given some things to friends. I have tried not to throw anything into the trash that can continue to live a happy life somewhere else. I’m trying to figure out how to recycle paper and cardboard since they won’t pick up again until August.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 6.59.21 PMI’ve done pretty well with some things, making them “come out even” as Frances the badger does in Bread and Jam for Frances. I like the part of this picture book where Frances has a goodly number of items in her lunch and eats each of them a little at a time so that it comes out even in the end. Her friend, Albert, does it, too. We will run out of certain consumable items this week, just enough to last us during our final few days. We’ve done remarkably well with timing things like the toothpaste and toilet paper, garbage bags (we pay about 2.2 CHF per 35 liter bag) and have too much in the way of some food items like condiments, but I’m sure I can pawn those off on give them away to someone.

We have read the two pages of rules for leaving a clean Swiss apartment. Our landlords, the ETH, will charge us 50 CHF an hour for work that is not up to their standards, and they have kindly offered to have our last bed linens washed (at our expense) the day we leave. They need to turn over the apartment the next day, so we must be out by noon. Having heard that some people can spend from 1500-2000 CHF for a cleaning crew, I’m sure that whatever they need to do after we clean can’t be nearly as expensive as other rental experiences. We shall see. Look for another blog post in a few weeks about how that all pans out.


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