National Swiss Day

IMG_6322Many happy wishes to all my Swiss friends today for the Swiss National Day. I only wish that I were in Zürich with you today to celebrate. Would we have gone to brunch on a farm? I might have bought streamers with the Swiss flags or Swiss cantons to decorate. I’m sure we would have watched fireworks somewhere since I understand they are everywhere. Which of these traditional foods would I have enjoyed? What parade would I want to see?

Although Switzerland traces its founding back to 1291, celebrating the country on August first only became a national holiday in 1994. The date was chosen as the early charter was thought to have been signed in “early August.”

I have recently discovered that a mere 25 miles from my home, in the city of Whittier, the Swiss expat community celebrates Swiss National Day on the Sunday closest to August 1, which should be tomorrow. However, with serious jetlag and a long list of things which must get done, I think we will wait until next year to make some new Swiss friends.


One thought on “National Swiss Day

  1. I failed to eat any of those things on Saturday! Oh well, there’s always next year. And a cow on a stick beats most things anyway 😉

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