Why We MUST Return to Switzerland

One always thinks there will be IMG_4024time for things, and in the end, there is not quite enough time. I feel as though we did not squander time this year and saw an amazing amount of sights and cities and natural beauty, but as we went along, our list of must-sees kept growing. Like Sisyphys with that rock.

If we do come back to Zürich for our next sabbatical, I think I would like to spend more time in the German-speaking parts of Europe and explore them in more depth. We hardly touched Austria, and I would love to spend much more time there. We only really saw Munich, Berlin and a bit of the Black Forest in Germany (and we can’t forget Wuppertal!).

Here is the beginning of my list for what I would like to see in Switzerland that we did not get to this year. This list is not exhaustive!

In Zürich

Helmhaus and Wasserkirche

The rubber duck race on the Limmat River

Thermal Baths

More museums (after we’ve recovered from this year of museums)

Other museums outside of Zürich

Tinguely in Basel

Technorama in Wintertur

Transportation Museum in Luzern

Rozengart Collection in Luzern

Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern


The Schilthorn and the Jungfraujoch. I am embarrassed to say we did not see these this year. We saw them from below, but we MUST get to the top!

The Glacier Express, or other classic train travel.


Aletsch Glacier. Read about the adventures of the Two Small Potatoes there.

Lugano and Locarno in Ticino

Klangweg – a hiking trail with musical instruments along the way

Klöntal Valley

Mt. Pilatus

That seems a good start to a list, no?


2 thoughts on “Why We MUST Return to Switzerland

  1. I can testify that Mount Pilatus is worth it 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean… I always thought I would have plenty of time to see more of Germany, but after 8 years there I still didn’t manage to make it to the Eastern part! Luckily we’re not much further away now than we were before.

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