Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 2.25.45 PMIt wouldn’t be a true blog about Switzerland without a post about müesli.  We knew about this Swiss breakfast food before moving to Zürich, and once there quickly found our favorite brand of the stuff. Of course our favorite brand was not at our local grocery store, so every time I went down into town and was near a Migros at one of the train stations, I would be sure to pop in and pick up two packages.

If you get müesli at a Swiss restaurant or take away, it is drowning in strawberry yogurt, which tastes pretty good, but also runs the price up. So we always soaked ours overnight in the refrigerator in milk.

A welcome home gift from Lynn was a glass jar full of her homemade müesli which we ate through in the first week. She insisted that it was very easy to make, so I looked online at some recipes and decided that the best bet would be to go to the bulk food bins at Sprouts and start filling bags of rolled oats, nuts and fruit. I also decided to add flax seed and H decided to throw in some shredded coconut.


Here is what it looks like, and after having our own brand for two mornings so far, we think we will continue with this version. We will probably change it up a little every time we create a new batch.

A little Switzerland in our breakfast bowl. (We’re waiting for Lynn to claim her glass jar….)


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