Zürich Street Parade 2015

While we wIMG_5883ould have liked to have been in Switzerland for the National Swiss Day celebrations, we are rather glad we missed the Street Parade. Last year the parade was at the beginning of August, but this year it was the last Saturday of the month. I wonder if that is because one of the main transportation hubs was completely torn up.

Anyway, reports say that a million people (from all over Europe) crammed the city streets (can that really be possible?). Loud music from 26 “love mobiles”, six stages with more loud music, people dressed up like Halloween at a strip club.

The worst part was probably the amount of trash that gets strewn about. But since this happened on Saturday, and today is Monday, there is probably no evidence that the mega party even happened.

You can see photos at the NZZ site. Whether you can read German or not, the pictures give much of the story.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 7.37.26 PM


One thought on “Zürich Street Parade 2015

  1. I’ve been to the Street Parade few years ago and was crazy. The crowd, the music, people dressed in crazy outfits… just crazy! I’m happy I’ve experienced it, but wouldn’t want to repeat it.

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