Riding the Bus in So. Cal

Part Three of What I Will Miss was Trains! Trams! IMG_6443Now I am home, I am missing the trains and trams. It is well known that Californians have an everlasting love affair with their vehicles. It is not easy to get many places on the Metrolink light rail or by bus, but on Saturday we actually did take the bus.

After buying discount tickets to the LA County Fair for $12, we found out that parking costs $15. A little internet research steered us away from the Metrolink ($10 per person for a weekend day pass), but it turns out that the bus is ONLY $1.25 one way! Less than a cup of coffee, glampers. And it is only 50 cents for senior citizens. Exact change only, please.


I knew there was a bus stop across from the Claremont train station, and without transferring, the number 197 takes riders right to Gate 1 of the Pomona Fairplex. On the weekends the bus runs once every hour, but on weekdays it comes by every half hour.

We were not exactly sure where to disembark, but the bus driver was quite helpful, as well as a few of our fellow riders.

I would definitely consider taking the bus again.


2 thoughts on “Riding the Bus in So. Cal

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  2. I’m m not sure about a car love affair. For the vast majority there is no or little alternative.

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