Picture Postcard Rome

IMG_0423My very favorite part of the city is between the Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps. I love walking through these streets. Two of the restaurants where we ate were tucked away in little Piazzas in this area, and I could have just sat there for an entire afternoon watching the people and enjoying the view.

Upon our arrival we decided to start early to see if we could get inside the Pantheon, having been unsuccessful on our previous trip. We just knew, in our hearts, that it would be closed to tourists for some reason, but were happy to find out that it was open.

We sat on the Spanish Steps.

IMG_5486The Colosseum and Forum never cease to keep us in awe.

The Vittoriano Monument is still massive.


An evening stroll after dinner.

We saw the Trevi Fountain under construction. Thankfully they put a little fountain in front of it to throw in your coin, so now I am, once again, assured of a return trip to this great city. Which is a good thing since I want to see the Appian Way and have not yet seen it.