The Beauty of Switzerland on Instagram

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I came across this post on Newly Swissed yesterday which highlights 13 Instagram Feeds featuring stunning photos of Switzerland. Immediately I went to their feeds and started following them so that I can 1) remember the natural beauty of Switzerland 2) get ideas about where we should go when we return.

Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, I think you can click on each group of photos to see the feed.


Street Photography in Zürich

IMG_4789I find myself going through my photos of our year, reliving our experiences. Although I am not a great street photographer, I did try my hand at taking photos of people going about their business. Here are a few of people in Zürich that turned out okay.

There always seems to be a group of kids out on a field trip, no matter the weather.


Waiting at the tram stop by the ETH, everyone is wearing a black coat.


Someone is always enjoying the chairs on Sechseläutenplatz in front of the Opera House on a sunny day.


Even though time between trams is usually less than 10 minutes, it’s nice to have a bench for waiting.


Okotoberfest in the Zürich HB


You have to pay to let your dog ride the tram if it takes up more space than your handbag.


With mandatory military service, you always see young men (and sometimes women) at the train station on Saturdays going home.


Cell phone culture is alive and well in Europe, too.


Saw a Mennonite once.


Maybe my favorite candid snapshot. Two kids chatting up the coffee bean roaster.