This weekend has brought me a wave of Heimweh and nostalgia for Switzerland. I was never homesick for California during our sabbatical, but I suppose that is because I knew I would be back within the year. At this point, I don’t know when we will see Zürich again. We will, I am sure, but I don’t know when.

IMG_6302Then this blog post from Newly Swissed popped up: 17 Nostalgic Signs of #GrowingUpSwiss. While most of the signs were foreign to me (although they have American counterparts), I smiled at the Migros Chocolate Popcicles which we ate during this past hot, hot summer. They were just like the ones I ate as a kid, but smaller.


If you scroll down the list there is picture of a boy holding a cow bell, and that is from a story called A Bell for Ursli. One of my friends gave me a mini copy of this book when we left as a small remembrance. The author is a popular classic Swiss children’s writer.



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