Bitte Keine Werbung

Here is our mailbox. Our name (by which I mean H’s name) was already on it when we moved in, as well as this little saying – Bitte Keine Werbung.


This little phrase is on virtually every mailbox we’ve seen (except in Ticino when it was Nessuna Pubblicitá Per Favore) and perhaps across the Röstigraben in French Switzerland it says Se il vous plaît pas de publicité. I’m not sure about that, but when I go back to Lausanne next month, I will check it out.


I wish I could use this saying on my mailbox in California – Please No Ads. We can have a week go by here with nothing in the mailbox because of this sign, although once a week or so someone puts a free “newspaper” on top of our mailboxes which none of us pick up and it ends up all soggy from rain or snow.

For another take on Werbung, you can read a post here about how Die Post could give you a sticker that says Werbung? OK! Apparently this would be free of charge!

Or – if you don’t have a B.K. Werbung sticker and you don’t check your mail, you might get a 24 CHF fine from Die Post for having your mailbox too full.


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